Spare Parts

Air compressor

Reciprocating Multistage Water Cooled Air Compressor, Complete With Flywheel, Intercooler, Foundation Bolt, Motor Pulley,, V Belt, Belt Guard, Slide Rails, High Efficiency Dry-Type Suction Filter Complete With Motor & Starter. Four-stage balanced opposed layout eliminates unwanted vibration and valves provide extra long life.

Molecular Sieve Battery

Molecular Sieve Battery/Dryer Consisting Of 2 Cylindrical Vessels With Stand And Base Fitted On The Skid. It Consists Of Two Vessels A And B Working Alternatively And Filled With High Quality Molecular Sieve (Probably Zeochem, Switzerland Brand).

Air Separation Column

Air Separation Column is a Packaged Unit with Outer Steel Casing, Main Heat Exchanger, Liquefier, Lower Column, Upper Column, Condenser, Dcpl Cooler, Liquid Oxygen /Nitrogen Filter. Stainless Steel Cooling Pipes, Insulation Material, Digital Auto Scanner With Temperature Meter Pt100 Sensor, DP Gauge Manometer Wika German /Feibig Expansion Valvesof Italian Design Stainless Steel Column Is Unique Feature.

Expansion Engine (expander)

Expansion Engine With Hydraulic Valve Control, Bursting Disc For Safety, Fly Wheel Pressure Gauge, Motor Pulley V-Belt, Belt Guard, Slide Rails Inter Connected Pipes (Inlet & Outlet) Hydraulically Operated High Efficiency Engine With Ball Type Of Valve Stainless Steel Liner Vertical Type Of German Design. Complete With Motor & Starter.

Liquid Oxygen Pump

A Horizontal Single Acting Pump W/ Stainless Steel Piston And Special Graphite Impregnated Teflon Piston Ring For Long Life Working Inside For Filling Oxygen Directly At The Pressure Of 150 To 200 Bar At Cylinders.

Cylinder Filling Manifolds

Filling Manifold For Oxygen Complete With Stainless Steel Flexible Connections Two Racks For Switching
-Pressure Gauges - Wika German
-Safety Valves
-Control Valves

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel For Supply Of Electricity To Individual Motors. With Overall Suitable Size. It Has A Bank Of On/Off Switches Mcb/Mccb Of High Quality Make And Neatly Labeled With Separate Connections For Each Individual Equipments Of The Oxygen Plant. This Enables The Operator To Control All The Motors From One Point.

Cooling Tower

The cooling tower is induced Draft-Rotary Sprinkler type with aluminum Casting Fan, FRP Body with suitable Electric Motor for maintaining the circulating water temperature between the Hot well and Cold well for optimum performance of the Plant.